Julia is the main character of the episode, So Very Attractive

Backstory Edit

Very unhappy with her appearance, Julia was continually trying to find ways to make herself more beautiful, like her classmate Brooke, despite the protests of her friend,Marty ,and her parents. Her plight fell on the ears of the Cryptkeeper, who, disguised as a drug store employee, gave her a beauty cream that made her very attractive looking...quite literally. While wearing the cream, Julia was so attractive, that everyone couldn't help but look at her, and animals, specifically insects, which she was afraid of, followed her. Fleeing a swarm of insects to a graveyard, Julia wiped off the cream in an old well in the graveyard, which made the insects leave her...but there may have been some left on her, as a horde of zombies came after her! ...And then she woke up, realizing it was all a dream. Seeing just how foolish she was for obsessing over her looks, Julia threw the beauty cream out in the nearest trash can.

Appearance Edit

Julia looks a little tomboyish, wearing a boy's shirt and jeans. With the cream on, she looks like a model, complete with lipstick and earrings.